Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Saudi Arabia/GCC continue to suffer heavy losses in Yemen.

Thanks to Armorfan for the link!

This is the most underreported story going.  Saudi Arabia/GCC armored formations are getting taken apart in Yemen.

Of special interest in this vid.  At the 2 minute mark you can see what I believe is a Kornet missile doing its classic corkscrew into the turret of a Bradley.  You can see a crewman escaping the vehicle so we know it was a hit but not a "kill"...at the 4 minute mark you can see a column of destroyed vehicles.

They've lost or are in the process of losing this war in a major way.  Our advisors need to tell them to save their forces for the bigger fight that is coming.  In short, they need to leave the field of battle to save their army.  It'll probably be needed for a more important fight sooner rather than later.

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