Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saudi/GCC armor losses worse than we think?

Thanks to NO for the link!

Good God.  We're seeing at least a Company(+) of armor destroyed in this short vid.  Could Saudi/GCC armor losses be MUCH worse than we think?

I'm convinced.  Saudi/GCC forces are being destroyed at an alarming rate.  I don't know what cover story they formulate to withdraw from this fight but its obvious to me that they're getting their asses kicked.

Sidenote:  I wish we had better info on this the Saudi/GCC order of battle (and the Houthi's!).  I estimate that all in all they've lost at least a battalion and probably more.  If this was a Marine Expeditionary Brigade doing the assault and IF (no way in hell-- this is a hypothetical) they had lost the same number of vehicles/personnel, you'd be all kinds of combining, creating units from all available personnel AND you'd be seeing either more Marine or Army units landing.  The Saudi's already did that and they don't have our depth.  They have no choice but to quit the fight so they can still have an Army.

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