Thursday, September 24, 2015

Take the 'L' out of JLTV, Because it's not light."

via USNI News.
“We’ve had a ten percent loss in in utilization rate on existing amphibious ships and deck space because our equipment is bigger. Its heavier and most importantly, it’s higher.”
Good God!

Me and few others guys have been predicting this problem for a couple of years!  The major problem its not gonna get ANY better in the near future.  Think the ground vehicles are at issue?  Consider what the wing brings to the ship!  From the same article...
“The LHDs were designed for the CH-46 on the flight deck, [now] they’re carrying the V-22. They’re designed for Harriers, they’re going to carry the [Joint Strike Fighter], huge differences in weight in the top of the ship,” he said.
Even more bad news?  Let's talk about the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (same article)...
“The JLTV — factory curb weight of 16,000 pounds, fully dressed out 21,000 pounds,” Strock said.
“The first thing we do is take the ‘L’ out of JLTV, because it’s not [light].”
Strock did recognize the need for the JLTV capability but “the challenge to industry is how to mitigate that. The enemy now has a vote, we get that,” he said.
“It’s not who came first, the ship or the equipment, the issue is making sure those capabilities into the future are mutually supporting warfighting from the sea.”
I said before, I'll say it again.  We should have bought Textron's HUMMWV upgrade and been done with it.  The USMC buying JLTVs was simply a nod to the US Army and had nothing to do with Marine Corps operating requirements.

Another politically driven procurement that's going to shoot the Corps in the budget ass.

Excuse me.  Time to find a wall to punch.

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