Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Bubble Gut Phenomenon! Yeah, its the abuse of Growth Hormones...

First.  This post isn't gonna be for everyone...its for the gym guys.  Having said that  I've come to the sad conclusion that "traditional" body building isn't anything but a beauty contest for men.  The thing that most guys really chase is physical fitness and strength.  Watching coverage of the recent Mr. Olympia illustrates that there is a problem with all the steroid abuse...and now Growth Hormone abuse in that sport (still wonder if we should call professional body building a sport).

Check out the above video and even google the "bubble gut phenomena".  I really lay the blame on GH.

Its been used by the bodybuilding insiders for almost a decade now and its finally making inroads into the rest of society.

I really think guys should be extremely careful if they decide to use it and I personally would avoid the stuff like a plague (unless under the supervision of a doctor).  The muscle crowd uses it for muscle growth, the average guy uses it as a fountain of youth but the reality is that it affect ALL body organs...that includes the heart.

I finally found a muscle building supplement (besides Tren) that I consider too dangerous to even consider.

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