Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Norwegian Air Force's F-35 buy is consuming the rest of their forces....

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Norway has accepted its first F-35. The aircraft is under-developed, under-tested is likely to lose fights against emerging and current threats and will cost well over $50,000 (USD) per flight hour.
Now, a day after this event, Norway's NRK reports (Google Translate Norwegian to English) that the country's defence establishment will cut their order of 52 F-35s by 10 because of an inability to afford the aircraft.
This is a bit odd as during the acceptance ceremony, the Norwegian Defence Minister stated no one was cutting F-35 orders. Awkward.
Also,the Defence chief has warned that unless defence spending is increased by 9 billion (Norwegian krone,NOK) a year, Norway, will "lose the ability to defend against an armed attack."
But wait...there's more!
These are some of the most important consequences of the cheapest of the two models to the Chief of Defence. This proposal is based on a continuation of the current defense budget in 20 years - adjusted for inflation and higher personnel expenses:
The army is cut to two battle-ready battalions - the lowest level since Norway became independent in 1905. And most dramatically - we must rid ourselves of all heavy tanks and artillery everything. The two battalions will not get antiaircraft defense against air attack.
Navy will lose all their submarines and corvettes. The Coast Guard will be reduced by two vessels from 15 to 13. The only vessels that are left in the Navy are the five new frigates that have just been put into service, plus a logistics vessels and container based demining equipment.
Air Force gets only 38 new fighter jets of the type F-35 - in addition to four trainers. There are 10 fewer than the one ordered. Surveillance and anti submarine aircraft P-3 Orion is gone and it will not be acquired long-range anti-aircraft artillery.

His Majesty the King's Guard, as we know it today, will be cut to a small force to concentrate on guarding the castle, parades and marching band activities.
Home Guard is cut by 12,000 soldiers. One Home Guard district and the Naval Home Guard shut down.
A large number of smaller departments and camps will also disappear in this proposal.
By this reckoning I should be applauding least we have a bit of ground forces left (not good enough by far but it looks like they're at least trying to hold the line....a little bit anyway).

But Norway?

They're getting RAPED.

At a time of most threat they're placing all their eggs in the F-35 basket...and they're destroying the rest of their armed forces to get it. 

That beautiful music at the rollout of the F-35 for Norway was a funeral dirge in disguise.  They're simply trumpeting the end of an effective military.

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