Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The real truth about the USMC? The School of Infantry is easy...the Fleet is where you get your balls smashed!

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via Marine Corps Times...
"I was stressing out because all my girlfriends started getting hurt," Brown told Marine Corps Times. "They're all getting this common injury from hips. I was waiting to feel something in my hips and I never did."
Brown was one of just two women left standing in the pair of infantry-trained rifleman platoons at the end of the nine-month-long experiment, she and other members of her unit said. Most of the other women in those two platoons had been dropped or temporarily sidelined with light duty due to injury.
Then this...
Before opting out of the task force, Sheffield, 23, had decided the infantry wasn't for her.
"It sucked; it really sucked," she said. "I wouldn't do this experiment again."
Yeah and she's a pup.  Imagine how she'd feel after 4, 8 or 12 years of that?  Many women are going to be setting themselves up for life long injury.  Bad knees and backs are par for the course that no one talks about.

But the reality is never talked about.  You can pencil whip anyone thru any school in the Corps.  Nothing is ever said in the clear about it but that's the actual and factual.

The fleet is where you get your balls or (in the near future) ovaries kicked in. Oh and trust me.  When you have a battalion commander that's pushing 45, is a PT stud and thinks road marches are fun, base plates build character and you can never have enough ammo...then those marches turn into hell on earth...and that's before you spend the next 8 hours running ranges because you started out at 4am to get their by sunrise (note I said started...that doesn't include your prep time which usually happens late Sunday nite).

But what has me spinning is that the USMC isn't releasing these reports.

The agenda won't allow it.

This is why I absolutely HATE USNI Blog and the group of bastards over there.  They're pushing a cause that will see the USMC weakened.  What happens when you have 1/4 of your battalion undeployable?  How do you make up for so many that are pregnant or injured?

This NEW Marine Corps will be a mix of fun to watch and pure pain.  When the inevitable happens remember I told ya so.

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