Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ukraine seems to be spiraling out of control....internally....

via Defense 24...
Peter Nisztor, Polish daily newspaper, "Purge counterintelligence": Standing at the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service - gene. Brig. Peter Pytel - made ​​surprising personnel changes in managerial positions before the upcoming parliamentary elections. Case surprising not only because of the time in which the counter-espionage has his hands full because tenders for the modernization of the Polish Armed Forces, but also that the victims of these changes are officers coming from the Internal Security Agency.
Kamil Szewczyk, Sylvester Ruszkiewicz, Super Express, "The attack onDigger": Super Express reveals assassination attempt on Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz.For the failed assassination attempt had come on 17 September. during a ceremony in Bykivnya, Ukraine. BOR and the Ukrainian ministry discovered along the route of the column hidden government grenade launcher RPG - 26. The route was immediately changed.
Newspaper Polish daily, "Ukraine. The new military doctrine approved": "On Thursday, President of Petro Poroshenko approved the text of a new military doctrine of the country. For the first time in history a threat was Russia. On the other hand, one of the main strategic objectives announced cooperation with NATO countries."
Eve Siedlecka, Gazeta Wyborcza, "a Surveillance heap of stones": On 6 February 2016 the year enter into force on the Constitutional Court's judgment, which recognizes the current rules pull the data retention by service unconstitutional. The government nor parliament can not legally sort out this matter, which may result in the absence of effective actions by the date indicated in the Tribunal's judgment.
Ukraine seems to be teetering on the brink.

I wonder if NATO has any contingency plans for a Ukrainian collapse?  What happens if in addition to millions of people streaming up from the Middle East you also have an economic, humanitarian and military crisis in Ukraine?

I'm not talking about what we've seen to this point but something a couple of magnitudes greater?  If the current govt falls and we see refugees start pouring from that country would we see moves by Poland to annex a portion and would we BEG Russia to annex the rest?

Sidenote:  Notice all the reorganizations and initiatives that the govt is involved in.  Its been my observation that when bureaucrats and their staff idiots want to attempt to assert control, they do stuff like this.  Its mainly the refuge of desperate men that don't know how to directly deal with situations so they revert to pushing paper.

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