Tuesday, September 22, 2015

US refuses tech transfer to S. Korea!

Thanks to Wobblehead for the link!

via Korea Times.

The U.S. government has rejected the transfer of F-35 fighter jet technology to Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), putting the Korean government's fighter jet development program or KFX into disarray, according to the local daily Chosun Ilbo, Tuesday.
The U.S. government reportedly refused the transfer of technological data, including that related to the AESA (active electronically scanned array) radar, according to the news report.
The AESA is a cutting-edge radar system with electronic warfare capabilities that can search and track targets more quickly and precisely than existing systems.
With the deal originally signed in September 2014, American aerospace manufacturer Lockheed Martin had agreed to provide Korea technology and technical support related to the fighter jet and to sell 40 F-35A fighter jets for 7.3 trillion won ($62 billion).
The U.S. government did not approve of the transfer because it violates its security policies, the report said.
Although the U.S. manufacturer has broken the contract, DAPA reportedly has no way to resuscitate the deal.
With the deal canceled, the Korean government plans to develop part of the technology on its own and work with European partners on the rest.

Interesting.  Time to send some e-mails out.  To be quite honest I don't know the ramifications of this.  Additionally I fail to understand what "secrets" the AESA have that we would want to keep secret and how denying them could throw the Korean program into disarray.  Even more puzzling to me is the fact that Korea would need to work with European partners on the rest.

They are suppose to be technologically advanced.

Yeah.  I need to get schooled on this!

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