Sunday, September 20, 2015

USMC aircraft on British aircraft is that gonna work...

Alot of talk is done about USMC aircraft operating off the new British carriers.  I can see what's in it for the Royal Navy.  They get to hold off criticism that's gonna come anyway about them having built the world's largest helicopter carriers...they get to play with the idea of "ultimate" interoperability...and they get to deal with a massive inferiority complex (sorry, just telling it like it is...the Brits do a whole lot of complaining about US foreign policy/military intervention but they want to be considered the MOST important ally).

But ignoring the fact that I have yet to see the benefit to the USMC...wait lets flesh this out a bit.  How is putting a SPMAGTF aboard a Brit carrier a benefit?  In the real area of concern that the British operate...meaning the Middle East and Africa?  I just don't see it.  The SPMAGTF is busy providing support in case a plane goes down.  Anything bigger and they're gonna be hard pressed.  Could they actually be thinking of inserting the carrier into a Amphibious Ready Group to act as the big deck?  I don't think not only is it a problem of what are the benefits, or how it will work, but you also have to ask if this is worth it!

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