Tuesday, September 01, 2015

USNI Blog is continuing the agenda...and this female Gunny just pointed out the danger of females in the infantry (in a backwards way)...

You know how I feel about USNI Blog.

Can't stand them.  If they got curb stomped I'd cheer.  Probably throw a party.  More to the point I'm having trouble understanding why so many aren't speaking out.  EVEN MORE CONFUSING is the fact that so many male writers haven't protested or called them out on this bullshit.

Let me state again.  They asked for female writers so when do Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Muslim, Neo-Nazi, Atheist, Satanist, Catholic, Baptist...whatever get the cattle call from USNI Blog to write?

It would only be fair.  But I guess the days of "we're all Marines, maybe different shades...maybe different genders" is over.

What has me punching walls tonight?  Check this out....
When I checked into my first duty station, the majority of the female Marines were just as junior as I was (and struggling to survive), with a few female Sergeants who were ‘queen bees’. They would belittle you in a heartbeat in front of God, Corps, Country, and Chesty Puller and not think twice about it. If you told them something personal, they would run off and gossip to the entire shop. What you thought was a mentoring session was actually solicitation for personal information they could use to humiliate you in front of others. It was horrible.
The good, the bad, and the ugly were rolled up into one scoop and served on the chow line…cold! To top it off, there weren’t any women (like my Drill Instructors) that I could go to for advice. It wasn’t until my next duty station, in Okinawa, Japan, that I finally received some mentorship. It happened to be from a female Staff Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO). Female SNCOs at that time were rare; the last time I had seen one was in boot camp. I was intimidated, but she turned out to be my very first mentor in the operating forces.
When I arrived, she made it a point to talk to me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be “blasted” for something that I didn’t even know I had done. Instead, she asked me questions like: Are you settled into the barracks? Have there been any creepy male Marines that have tried to befriend you? Have you contacted your family to let them know that you arrived in Japan? I was in shock. She was firm and professional, yet she had a nurturing side. She reminded me of my Senior Drill Instructor.
Are you reading that shit?  ARE YOU READING THAT SHIT!

She didn't receive mentoring until she had her first female SNCO?  Really?  So if she received mentoring from a male SNCO that didn't count.  It had to be from a female?  She had to receive advice from women?  Her male leadership was inadequate due to gender?


How can a male succeed leading female Marines with this type of attitude?

You do see where this is going right?  Females in combat arms and then its not going to be enough.  You're going to have to have females in LEADERSHIP positions so that the female Marines feel comfortable.  Considering statements made by the current SecDef we can see how this is all going to work out.

I feel sorry for bastards that are about to get hit between the eyes with this.  You should have spoken up earlier.

Old Corps, New Corps there isn't a bit of difference?  Sorry Chesty you were wrong.  This new Corps is going to fill body bags and lose battles just for the sake of social engineering.

NOTE:  I don't usually do this but I've got to call out two contributors over there.  Not much is expected from that crowd but I am a fan of UltimateRatioReg and Cmdr Salamander.  They're usually outspoken but have been beyond silent on this debate.  Not good.

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