Tuesday, September 01, 2015

What if? What if the USMC had weaponized the CL-84?

Thanks to Robert for the link!

Check out the whole video but if you're in a hurry start at the 9:02 mark.  Now take a gander at the pic below...

Like CoffeJoe said.  What if the Marine Corps did away entirely with fast jets and instead worked on a tilt rotor force only.  No deep battle.  No interdiction.  No fleet defense.  That would fall to the Navy.

Where would we be today?

We'd probably have a CL-84 sized airplane that performed both utility and attack tasks.  We wouldn't have the capability gap of having the MV-22 that's too fast for the AH-1Z to escort but too slow for the Harrier and F-35.

We'd have a properly balanced and possibly more capable Marine Air-Ground Team....What if....

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