Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Xi Jinping is sending signals that the media is missing...

Everyone is focused on the Pope's visit to Washington.

I think that's wrong.  Don't misunderstand.  The Pope is an important person but the church doesn't actively (and in my opinion should have NO role in nation state affairs...Mark 12:16-17 and all that jazz) participate in world governance.

So what the hell am I talking about?  The Chinese head of state is in the US.  His first stop?  To meet with business leaders in Seattle.  Who is he talking to?  Boeing, Microsoft, Facebook and a visit to a high school.  

The biggie in the room that no one is talking about?  He's also meeting with Henry Paulson.

Xi Jinping is smart.  He knows that Paulson predicted the economic trouble that they're currently facing.  He also knows that US business is desperate to get more access to their markets.

This is a pivot point in history.  We have the Chinese at a point of vulnerability and no one is talking about it.  Have a care though.  It won't last.  We need to capitalize on this moment or look back and regret it.

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