Tuesday, September 01, 2015

You say hands up don't shoot is a lie? Check out this vid!

Story here...You know what one of the basic problems for law enforcement is these days?  They're so used to being the ones behind the camera that they've failed to take into account that ANY and EVERYONE with a cell phone is a cameraman these days.  Seizing film from journalists in the past could squash alot of questions from the public.  But now we get to see this stuff unedited and LE Public Relations is too slow to react.

Really?  Seriously?  Check yourself!
Obviously many didn't take the time to follow the link to this story.  It would provide more information on this shooting.  First this wasn't a bam bam quick situation.  This was a loooong service call.  They were at that house for 20 minutes.  Second.  For all of you that are stating that this guy made a move to his waist you're smoking crack.  On one hand its immaterial.  They had already used less than lethal devices to try and contain him.  Next.  With an incident going on this long any weapon his person (remember he's a fat boy that's not wearing a t-shirt) would have been EASILY identified---even from distance.  Him making a move to his waist is inconsequential.  Last.  Why would they not have additional officers on scene.  But the biggest thing is that some of you are automatically defaulting to the side of police.  My question is why!  Is it because you've bought into the myth that they protect you from the evil in society?  To that I say BULLSHIT!  What keeps evil from your doorstep is luck, maybe where you live and the fact that MOST CITIZENS choose to play by the established rules.  Police aren't protecting you.  At best they're monitoring society.  But I could be wrong.  You know what I want to see.....

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