Thursday, October 01, 2015

2.75 laser guided rockets. The revolution is being ignored...

What happens when you have a rocket that is capable of precision fire?  Add to it the ability to AFFORDABLY destroy armored vehicles, shred troops in the open and basically take out anything short of a Main Battle Tank?

You have a revolution that many aren't tuned into.  You have a revolution that is being ignored.

Maybe its tight budgets.  Maybe its a lack of imagination on the part of manufacturers and the military but Lockheed Martin hit on something then stupidly turned it loose when they demonstrated a 2.75 guided missile setup on both their JLTV and Amphibious Combat Vehicle contenders.

This could bring the missile truck to ground combat element and achieve what was always promised.  A multi-mission vehicle that can take on a wide variety of targets with a huge "ready" load.

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