Sunday, October 25, 2015

Al Qaeda militants fighting alongside pro-government forces...the MSM latches onto the truth in Yemen...

via Fox News.
Al Qaeda militants had been fighting alongside pro-government forces without revealing their affiliation, focusing on capturing and storing weapons during the clashes with the Houthis, a security official in Aden said. Security officials said Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic groups in Aden obtained more than 55 armored vehicles, 22 tanks, anti-aircraft missiles and large amounts of other weapons during the fighting and hid them underground and in fields.

So let me get this straight.

The US is supporting Saudi/GCC forces by supplying intelligence and aiding in the blockade of Yemen...and the Saudi/GCC/Pro-Govt Yemen forces are being supported by Al Qaeda militants?

This is a shit sandwich of the highest order.

Additionally I guess many of my readers were right...and even worse for the Saudi/GCC coalition, the Main Stream Media is finally latching onto the story.  Not only that but the war in Yemen has netted them armored vehicles, MANPADS and large amounts of other weapons????

Fucking amazing.  Time to punch a wall.

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