Sunday, October 11, 2015

Challenger 2 MBT to be modernized. New tank too expensive....

via DefenseNews.
Deciding that purchasing a new main battle tank would be too expensive, the British Army will likely stick with what has long been its plan A and proceed with a Challenger 2 life extension project (LEP) starting early next year, the Ministry of Defence said.
“During the concept phase of CR2 Life Extension Project (LEP) all options, from do nothing to buying a new tank, have been considered. As it stands, the manufacture and costs of a new main battle tank make it unlikely that the Army would seek this option. CR2 will be taken forward and the LEP is scheduled to enter the assessment phase in early 2016,” an MoD spokesman said.
This news is to be cheered.  I'm sure many armor enthusiasts are gonna be disappointed but budget reality is budget reality.  A new tank is beyond the reach of most .... but the fact that the British Ministry of Defense is taking the task of upgrading the Challenger seriously (finally) is really good news.

I consider this a part of the changing landscape when it comes to defense matters.

Many "futurists" foresaw a generational war where light infantry riding in MRAPs would be good enough.

Already those days are over.  Think about what we've seen ... who would have ever thought that ISIS would be able to send the Iraqi Army running, fight and take territory from Assad loyalists, that Houthi tribesmen would be able to decimate Saudi/GCC armored columns or that the rebels in Ukraine would be so successful? 

Real combat vehicles are back in fashion...

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