Wednesday, October 07, 2015

China about to join Russia in fighting ISIS?

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via IBT
In a bid to strengthen the Russian air campaign, another Syrian ally -- China -- is now planning to deploy Shenyang J-15, a carrier-based fighter aircraft, in Syria.

Several reports have stated that Beijing has agreed to join the Russian air campaign. The development has come mere days after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a UN Security Council meeting that the world can no longer afford to stand by and look on with folded arms but must also not "arbitrarily interfere" in the Syrian crisis.

The Israeli military and intelligence news website DEBKAfile has now claimed that the Chinese are preparing to join Russia. The Jerusalem-based news website noted that the "J-15 warplanes will take off from the Chinese Liaoning-CV-16 aircraft carrier, which reached Syrian shores on 26 September."
From a US perspective...correction from the current administration's perspective this is going from bad to worse (if this is true).

Can you imagine the public relations crowing we're gonna hear if Putin can claim that together, Russia and China are about to set straight what the US messed up?

Can you see the various nation states in the region rushing to talk to Russia and China so that they get their blessing?

This is totally unconfirmed but I can see the US administration reacting badly to this.  I can see the Pentagon writing checks that someone's son will have to cash.

If this is verified then it's bad.  We really need to watch this thing. 

Sidenote:  I never knew China considered Syria an ally.  Our "B" team didn't do a very good job of either gathering support, maintaining that support or freezing out countries that didn't want to go along.  I'll say it again.  We're seeing our Administration, State Dept and Pentagon being totally outclassed by the Russians on EVERY level.

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