Monday, October 19, 2015

Conflict & Changing alliances will guarantee an oil shock within 2 years.

Monitoring CNBC and Oil is down again.  Analysts are saying that we're nowhere near the bottom.

Enjoy the low prices while you can.

I predict that we will see an oil shock within 2 years that will almost stall the economy and result in a home drilling boom that will make what has come before look small in comparison.

I'm talking about 70's gas lines people!

Why?  Because Iran is already violating the nuke deal.  Because Iraq is drifting into the Russian sphere of influence.  Because Saudi Arabia is hurting and they need money.

Oil will soon rise dramatically.  You have extra money lying around?  Forget the climate change hawks and the solar power zealots.  Invest in oil companies while the prices are low.

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