Wednesday, October 21, 2015

F-35 News. Bogdan gives the news about Canada leaving the program...

Thanks to Don for the info!

A few notes from the F-35 Program Managers testimony to Congress...
Bogdan testified to House Armed Services today.- engine problem is fixed, retrofit complete next June- fix for F-35 ejection seat problems could take another year- work on logistics system may delay AF IOC next year- loss of Canada will increase unit cost of jet one million dollars
How do you spin this shit?  Partner nations will have discussions about taking over Canada's production?  Does that mean that they're going to have to setup tooling?  Will that result in another delay?  How does the loss of these jets equal an increase of a million dollars but supposedly DECREASES in the number of jets purchased by Italy, the Netherlands and others didn't?

A whole lot of questions left to be answered....and a whole lot of spinning.

One question has been answered though.

The Canadians will be buying something other than the F-35. 

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