Tuesday, October 20, 2015

F-35. The plane that toppled a govt!

By now you've heard that the Liberals won big in Canada.

I can't wait to hear from the JSF program office and the Pentagon on the ramifications of this.  One thing is certain.  The Liberals can't break the promise to kill the F-35 purchase or the people will go mad!

What does this mean from my chair?

It means that the death spiral has arrived.  Add that to a Continuing Resolution which is all but guaranteed in the US and you have a plane that won't reach production "take off" anytime soon.

My prediction is that the US Navy will finally be given permission to bail on the airplane (they've already given their pound of flesh by going with the V-22 for the COD mission).  The USMC will not buy the programmed number of F-35s and will revert to using F-18s for the carrier mission.

The wild card is the USAF.  I have no idea what this means for them.  They're all in but with a plane that is increasing in costs AND with them facing the issue of being smaller than is conscionable along with needing (or at least saying) to buy the Long Range Strike Bomber AND KC-46.....they're just in a pain locker from hell.

This is the part of the story that the news media, govt and business hasn't wrapped its head around.

People are still pissed and hurting from the great recession.  Corporate welfare in the form of foolish defense spending is frowned upon.  Moves have been made with regard to the military that has its traditional supporters no longer giving a fuck.

Canada is just the start.  Expect more "fiscal" discipline from other countries soon.  The F-35 MIGHT have been a great success if they had understood the importance of staying on schedule.  They didn't and now they will pay.

SIDENOTE:  I didn't see this coming but I should have.  The BUTTHURT!  The equivocation!  The outright spinning and lying!  The normalcy bias!  The failure to look at the world as it is...instead looking at the world as they want it to be!

You F-35 supporters are in FUCKING DENIAL!  This is a huge FUCKING DEAL and you can't weasel away from that fact!  

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