Friday, October 16, 2015

Gym Rats be aware! MRSA is no joke!

This post isn't for's aimed squarely at the gym rats out there and the dangers it poses to anyone that lifts.  First check this out from ESPN...
New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells had another surgery Wednesday as doctors continue to work to fight off the MRSA staph infection in his foot and leg.
It's the sixth surgery Fells has had since being diagnosed with MRSA two weeks ago, and he remains in a New York City hospital while doctors administer antibiotics. More surgeries are likely, but optimism about Fells' long-term prognosis continued Wednesday as his response to the latest course of antibiotic treatment remained positive.
Fells was diagnosed with MRSA while being treated for an ankle injury, and the Giants placed him on season-ending injured reserve because of the treatment that the life-threatening infection requires. As a result of the infection and the surgeries required to treat it, Fells, 32, is unlikely to play football again.
What can you do?  Add a few things to your gym bag.  Make your own solution of bleach/water to take with you and wipe down machines (if you use them).  wear protective gear .... yeah to include warm-up pants .... trust me on this one!  I cut nicked my leg on a bench, thought nothing of it and next thing you know I'm in the hospital on antibiotics with doctors wondering if they should go in (luckily I responded well and surgery wasn't required).  Gloves are a must
and I use Mechanix M-Pact (fingerless is out of the question...remember small cuts can lead to big consequences) and you need to be aware of others.

Check out your fellow I'm not talking about the chick in the corner with daisy dukes on and shirt so short you see underboob...I'm talking about the other gym rat that has more than acne going on (strange rashes are the giveaway).

Long story short?  I thought this MRSA thing was a flash in the pan.  It's not.  Be careful in the gym.

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