Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Is a Navy SEAL's arrogance/quest of fame endangering his family?

via Daily Mail...
A British ISIS supporter has published the name and address of the Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden and called on American extremists to execute him.
Mirror Online has been monitoring jihadi chat on social media and has spotted several people linking to a text file containing instructions on how to find Robert O'Neill, who claimed to have killed the al Qaeda chief.
This information was shared by an unnamed British extremist, who dubbed O'Neill a "number one target" and called for his immediate death.
The address is now being shared on social media along with a sinister hashtag.
Dozens of extremists have now republished the Navy Seal's private information, despite apparent censorship attempts by social media firms and the website which is hosting the information.

I don't know the internal discussions in Navy SEAL land and their reactions to all the talking, book and movie deals.

I don't know how they reacted to former Bull Frog Admiral McRaven "dancing in the spotlight" as he was accused of doing by a retired US Army Special Forces General.

I do know that this type of reaction by the enemy should have been expected.

O'Neill wrote a tell-all, claimed to have kill Bin Laden, made I don't know how much money and now he has put a bulls-eye on his family's back (or the poor hapless souls that buy his house without knowing that its a potential terrorist target).

SOCOM is broken.  Somewhere along the line they went from being "silent professionals" to chest thumpers.  This is an example of how far off track they've gone.  I hope some of the retired/former members grab this gen by the collar and provide some guidance.  There are future fights waiting that will test them in ways that Iraq and Afghanistan hasn't.

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