Friday, October 09, 2015

Mainstream Media is finally talking about the possible collapse of the Saudi regime...

via Yahoo...
As if there weren’t already enough problems to worry about in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia might be headed for trouble. From plummeting oil prices to foreign-policy missteps to growing tensions with Iran, a confluence of recent events is mounting to pose some serious challenges for the Saudi regime. If not properly managed, these events could eventually coalesce into a perfect storm that significantly increases the risk of instability within the kingdom, with untold consequences for global oil markets and security in the Middle East.

They're finally catching up and its being talked about in the clear.  That's an indication that someone, somewhere in govt is floating this as a warning.

What isn't being talked about are the implications of a Saudi collapse.  We'd surely see a partitioning of the country with large swaths of it falling under Iranian control.  We'd see a bloodbath that would make a Hollywood horror director blush.  We'd see billions of dollars worth of high tech Western military gear scatter to the four winds....

We'd see anarchy in the Middle East for the next 20 years (at least).

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