Sunday, October 04, 2015

Modest Proposal. Dept of Homeland Security buy ACVs for flood rescue.

During the 1930's Donald Roebling witnessed the destruction wrought by hurricanes and major floods.  He watched with horror the loss of life that occurred because public service agencies had no way to save the poor souls that got caught unaware to rapidly rising waters.

Fast forward to today and what do we see...

The pics are from 2013 but its being repeated today in S. Carolina.  Flooding on a massive scale.  First responders unable to save those trapped by high flood waters.

So what is the response to this yearly drama we see play out all over the country?  Our police are buying MRAPs.

That's the wrong answer.  I've spent a little time this morning looking at police response to active shooters.

It's always the patrol guys that get there first and have to defend the public from a rampaging monster.  MRAPs are a SWAT tool that might be used for barricaded persons but outside of that they have little utility and for the issue that causes the most fear for the general public, are totally useless.

This all brings me to my modest proposal.  When the USMC finally does a down select to its Amphibious Combat Vehicle, the Dept of Homeland Security should do its job (finally) and piggyback on the USMC's buy.  De-tuned vehicles with bench seats (so they can carry the max number of people when rescuing people), no need for the weapons get the idea.

How would it work?  DHS would piggy back buy the de-tuned vehicles and would send them to communities all over the country.  When the next flood hits we would have vehicles that can go anywhere and not worry about them getting stuck or swamped.  It would be a throwback to the Roebling but good ideas should never die.

Its time for America to stop being frightened of the boogeyman in the corner and start dealing with real issues again.  Hurricanes and floods are real issues that first responders aren't equipped to handle.  Its time to deal with the real stuff that affects the majority instead of dealing with the fantasy nightmare scenarios.

UPDATED.  Yeah.  What do you think the citizens need.  MRAPs or ACVs?

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