Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Putin's summons Assad to Moscow...

via New York Times.
President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia called his counterpart, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, to Moscow for an unannounced visit to discuss their joint military campaign and a future political transition in Syria, the Kremlin announced on Wednesday.
According to a transcript posted on the Kremlin website, Mr. Putin told the Syrian leader during the meeting late Tuesday that Russia was ready to contribute to the fight against terrorism and to a political settlement of the conflict that has raged for more than four years. Mr. Assad, in turn, briefed the Russian leader about the situation on the ground and on next steps.
The surprise visit — evidently Mr. Assad’s first outside Syria since the civil war began there in 2011 — highlighted how the political and military horizon of the long war of attrition has shifted drastically because of Russia’s intervention.
Ok so let me get this fucking straight.

Putin is discussing a future political transition in Syria.  The US wants Assad out of power.  The fucking Russians are trying to kill terrorists in Syria.  And we can't work with these people?

If we want Assad out all we have to do is be patient and talk to Putin.  Apparently he wants the same thing (this isn't RT, Sputnik or TASS...its the nasty ass New York Times!) so what is the sticking point?

Life is hard & people die if you're stupid.  Time for the administration to stop being stupid.

SIDENOTE:  If this is hard for some of you people to understand then let me lay it out for you.  Want to know the biggest foreign policy mistake of the last 50 years?  No, it wasn't the invasion of Iraq.  It was our stance with Russia after the Soviet Union fell.  They were RIPE for inclusion into the Europe.  The EU is suffering right now but imagine if we could have brought Russia into the fold.  It would have been a win-win across the board.  Russia would be an ally in the Middle East and that simmering cesspool could finally be put down.  The rise of China would have been delayed and they'd probably be still rubbing sticks together for heat.  More importantly we could have leveraged the resources, cheap labor AND military tech to push forward a world that would have been dramatically more stable than what we see today.  Unfortunately we did not have leaders bold enough to see a different path and instead reverted back to "cold war" thinking in a new age.  That is what I base my thinking on.  You want a "reset" with Russia?  This is another opportunity.  If we can ally with Saudi Arabia, make NUCLEAR deals with Iran and deal with a China that is LITERALLY stealing our tech/manipulating its markets then WORKING with RUSSIA should be a no brainer!

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