Monday, October 05, 2015

Russia locks on to a Turkish jet. Big deal...wake me when something real happens.

Just got back and I'm digging thru comments and reading e-mail and the popular thing is the Russians locking onto a Turkish jet.

Big Fucking Deal!

As Clinton would say its a big nothing burger.

How quickly even military minded people forget.  The US Navy has been playing reindeer games with the Chinese for years.  We have Maritime Surveillance planes getting locked on, intercepted in aggressive way and many years ago had a collision forcing our plane down.

Nothing happened.

Not too long ago Syria shot down a Turkish F-4.

Nothing happened.

Now, this is being played up because it helps to push the Administration's meme that the Russian entry into Syria is going to be a major cluster.

I disagree.

This is nothing.  More dangerous stuff happens everyday guys.  Ask the guys on the DMZ in Korea.  Ask the guys flying missions to the Chinese border.  Ask the people on alert status in N. Europe.

This is just a case of boys being boys.  Wake me when something real happens.

Sidenote:  If you've been a watcher of NATO and the US defense establishment then you should know one thing.  The louder they are in the press, the less likely military action will occur.  They've been shouting this to the rooftops because they're impotent.  There is nothing they can do because the leadership hasn't decided on a real course of action.  So what do we get?  We get sensationalized headlines that thrill the ill informed.

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