Sunday, October 25, 2015

Russia Pushes Syria on Power-Sharing Plan

Thanks to William for the link!

via Bloomberg.
(Bloomberg) -- Russia is pushing Syrian President Bashar
al-Assad to accept a limited power-sharing plan that would give
his opponents some role in a transitional administration while
ensuring internationally-recognized elections can take place
next year, advisers to the government in Moscow said.

The more than three-week-old Russian air campaign, which is
supporting a land offensive by Syrian forces and their Iranian
allies, aims to change the balance of power on the ground enough
to bring opposition representatives into the political process,
the advisers told Bloomberg News. Russia considers Assad, 50,
has every right to stay on and seek re-election, they said.
“Russia is already working on the political settlement,
without waiting for the results of its military operation,”
Lieutenant-General Leonid Reshetnikov, a long-time foreign
intelligence veteran who heads a Kremlin advisory group, said in
a phone interview from Moscow on Friday. “For such talks, we
need to get the Syrian leader on board, because without him we
can’t move forward.”

You can say what you want about Putin but the guy is EASILY outsmarting our guys.

Consider too, that we could have been part of the solution by taking Russia up on their offer to team with them but instead our foreign policy zealots insisted on making Russia the boogeyman and demanding that Assad go NOW!

So what will happen?  Russia will push Assad.  Assad will agree (he has no choice).  Russia will send the proposal to the UN security council for approval and we'd be idiots to disagree......and then the alliance that we started joins with Russia to finish off ISIS so that the wave of immigrants to Europe stops.

Putin wins the peace prize for stabilizing the Middle East and they're the new kingmakers with new influence in the region.

Our Administration, State Dept and Pentagon got played like a fiddle. 

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