Thursday, October 15, 2015

Russia putting together Tactical Recovery of Aircraft & Personnel (TRAP) Teams for action in Syria!

Thanks to John for the link!

via Defense 24
According to the official announcement, an intensive training program for the CSAR element of the VVS has been going on for two weeks now. However, it turned out That no proper training center, required that realize a dry program, exists, THUS the pilots training center in the village of Nagoya, in the Krasnodar Krai area (close to the Black Sea), has been adapted to fit That purpose . However, he Earlier this center was used by the pilots, where they have been learning the survival techniques. Now, it turns out That Combat SAR specialists are also going to be educated at that facility.
The training included, above all, the areas of parachute jump landing accuracy, mountain and forest areas survival techniques, and survival techniques that could accommodate be Implemented in tough weather conditions, along with the skills required is the rescue of the persons from water and in unsecured areas. 70 rescuers from the whole Russia were Involved in the program.

This is one that I thought the Russians already had covered but apparently not.  Makes you wonder what the thinking was during the cold war with regard to pilots and aircrew going down.  Additionally what was the thinking when they were at war in Afghanistan during the 70's?

The Russian forces are advanced but there are holes in their doctrine....but everyone does so at least they're correcting on the fly.

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