Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Russian ground weapons in Syria? How about the BTR-82A and the AWM Sniper Rifle!

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From reading the Russian Blogs it appears that the BTR-82A is a rare sight even in most units so to see it deployed with the Russian Marines is telling.  Even more interesting is the fact that these are action photos.  I was under the impression that the Russians would simply being using their Marines for force protection.

I was wrong.

These guys are out hookin' and jabbin'.  This jives with reports that an offensive spearheaded by Assad loyalist along with Iranian Quds forces and backed by Russian Marines might be spot on.

What has me scratching my head, but is actually understandable is the second photo.  The Russian Special Operations guys in Syria are using British made Accuracy International Sniper Rifles....and wearing Under Armor!

Scratching my head because I really thought that the Brits/Europeans had the same export controls as we do, but then you read further and realize that they're also using IVECO LMV combat patrol vehicles and its apparent that they're not going to reinvent the wheel but simply use the best of what's available.

I thought that this was a move to fill the vacuum by the lack of US leadership/planning for the region.  I think it might be more than that.  This is beginning to look like a long range thing to firmly establish a base of operations in Syria.  In 2 or 3 years we might look back at this time and regret that we left the Russian Bear such a big opening to become the dominant power AND king maker in the region.

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