Saturday, October 17, 2015

Russian strategy. Stabilize, end Ukraine conflict...ramp up in Syria?

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via Bloomberg

By Daryna Krasnolutska
(Bloomberg) -- Ukraine will start withdrawing weapons from
a clash line in its pro-Russian separatist Donetsk region on
Sunday as a truce is holding, military spokesman Andriy Lysenko
Ukrainian government troops will pull back mortars with a
caliber less than 120 millimeters and cannons with a caliber
less than 100 millimeters, Lysenko told reporters on Saturday in
Kiev. Separatists would start weapon withdrawal on Oct. 21,
Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported on Friday, citing rebel
commander Eduard Basurin.
“The ceasefire is holding exemplary along the frontline,”
Lysenko said. “As a result no Ukrainian serviceman was killed or

The Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian insurgents in
the country’s easternmost regions agreed to pull back tanks and
light weapons earlier this month. They were given 41 days to
complete the withdrawal, which would move tanks and light
artillery 30 kilometers (19 miles) from each other.
The visuals are terrible for the administration.

First the ceasefire in Ukraine is holding.  Why is this bad?  Because it gives the Europeans an excuse to end the sanctions, allows trade to resume ahead of what appears to be a harsh winter and Russia's allies in Ukraine retain all territory taken.

Quite honestly this scenario was predicted.  What wasn't seen is the new push into Syria.

But the bigger issue is that this is another failure for our Admin, and State Dept. They have been "outfoxed" at every turn.

This is unsat on a geo-political level.  The Russians are drinking our milkshake and have their feet up on our couch eyeing our wife.  Its time to get serious before they take her, the furniture, the house, truck and the kids starting calling Putin daddy. 

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