Friday, October 02, 2015

Saudi Prince flees after posting bond for rape...predictable...

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via Women's Weekly...
A Saudi prince accused of raping several women during a wild party at a Beverly Hills mansion has apparently fled the country, after being told that he would not receive diplomatic immunity against any alleged crimes.
The LA Times reports Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 29, was arrested earlier his week on suspicion of "forced oral copulation".
The charges were laid after police were called to the compound after neighbours saw a bleeding woman trying to scale a fence to get out during a "wild party" at the Prince’s compound.
Several other women then came forward to say they, too, had been raped at the $37 million mansion being rented by the prince.
Neighbours told reporters the Prince had fled in a private jet. He's due to face court on October 19.
This was a no-brainer and the fix was in as soon as the judge allowed bail for such a heinous crime.

Want my cynical thoughts on this?  I'd almost bet that law enforcement was aware of the likely hood of the "prince" fleeing but behind the scenes a deal has been worked out between the Saudi govt and the victims so that they'll be compensated "monetarily" for their pain and suffering.  Want even more cyncism?  The women will gladly accept, they'll refuse news interviews and this will quickly be forgotten.

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