Sunday, October 18, 2015

Syrian News. Where is all the new gear coming from?

Thanks to InfoInfanterie for the link!

The above video is of the Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Force moving to Aleppo.

The combat vids that are flowing out are interesting but this is stunning.  Check out the troops on march.  Brand new helmet covers, sparkling load bearing equipment and I even thought I saw a cherry M16 (type unknown) being palmed by one of those men.  Even the armored vehicles appear to be "new"!  Not the battle damaged stuff we saw before but newish type vehicles that definitely have not been beat up by over 2 years of war.

Where is all this new gear coming from?

That's the real story here.  Not the airstrikes but the reconstitution of Syria's Army.  No one is keeping track of cargo ships/planes but that's where the real action is.

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