Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tata Kestrel 8x8 Wheeled Amphibious Assault Vehicle...

Thanks to Jonathan for the link!

Pics and story via Overdrive.IN
The Kestrel weighs 22.5 to 26 tonnes depending on the configuration and it’s powered by a Tata Cummins diesel engine that makes 600bhp (608PS). Tata refuse to share the torque figures but claim it’s quite high. The Kestrel can carry up to 10 soldiers and a crew of two. Seats for the troops are equipped with an energy attenuating mechanism that shields them from the effect of blasts. The seats actually move and absorb the impact of the initial blast as well as the secondary slam down of the vehicle, reducing the severity of injuries to the spine and brain. In the style of the Russian army, the seating for soldiers is back to back, allowing them to use the 4 gun ports on each side.
The Kestrel has four-wheel steering on the front two axles and a relatively short turning radius of 19 metres. The double wish bone type independent hydro pneumatic suspension, along with the impressive wheel travel, provides excellent all terrain mobility and a fairly comfortable ride. Yes, though we did not get to drive the Kestrel, we did get a ride in it and found the ride comfort, acceleration, braking and overall performance to be quite impressive. All the eight tyres have run flat capability with central inflation (CTIS) as standard. The amphibious propulsion employs rear mounted twin waterjets that do not require any preparation before entering water. Only the Anti-Surge Vane is raised to ensure water flows over the roof. The Kestrel can achieve 100kmph on land and 10kmph in water.
Hmm.  I wonder if the water speed quoted is accurate.  That seems kinda high just eyeballing the thing.  The idea of putting gunports on a vehicle designed to swim from ship to shore seems like an iffy concept too.

I'll watch the progress on this vehicle and see if any changes are made in the future.

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