Thursday, October 29, 2015

The continuing ACV drama.

via SeaPower Magazine...
Walsh cited some of the progress being made on multiple programs dealing with amphibious operations and said the Marines had to maintain that capability.
“If we can’t come from sea to shore, we have no reason to exist,” he said.
A key part of maintaining that capability is the ACV. Walsh said he expected two of the four bidding contractors would be chosen to build 16 vehicles to be tested over the next two years to select the best for production.
Although the ACV will not have the high water speed the Marines sought in the canceled Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program, Walsh said the proposed vehicles are better able to protect the Marines in them and operate on land, where they will spend 90 percent of their time. The Marines still hope a future model ACV can provide a faster water speed, he said.
Two years of testing?  Really?  We're talking about a ground combat vehicle.  The flight test schedule for the CH-53K will be shorter and people are going to be riding in that at 5000 ft, but somehow it takes 2 years to determine the best vehicle?

We're getting jerked around and HQMC is playing games.

The AAV replacement drama has dragged on longer than even the pitiful F-35 program.  Time to get this done OR its time to be honest with the tribe and state that it isn't gonna happen till 2030 at the soonest because leadership fucked up.  Its really that simple. 

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