Friday, October 16, 2015

The Russian backed Assault on Aleppo! Need help! Updated!

Hey now you know that the Russian backed assault on Aleppo has begun.

Info is beyond scarce so if you run across any pass it along!  Looking for casualty figures, estimates of equipment losses, progress of the assault etc...

On a sidenote, has anyone done an assessment of what Hezbollah will look like once this fighting is over?  They're not only getting combat hardened in a semi-traditional fight but they're learning at the feet of the Russians in combined arms tactics.

The next fight between Israel and the terrorist group will look alot different from what we've seen in the past.

With Hezbollah gaining MBTs, Artillery and the knowledge to use them we're watching the birth of an organization that will make ISIS look like small fry in the not too distant future.

via Sputnik..
"As a result of the offensive, we have established control over the towns of Job al-Ahmar, Rabia, and Salma. A total of 34 terrorists, most of them foreign nationals including Chechens, Turks, and Tunisians, have been eliminated," brigade general Ali Maihoub said.

I don't know the geography and the maps are ... confusing at best .... but the assault seems to be going well.

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