Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Russians love the Syrian intervention!

Thanks to Robert for the link!

The Russians love the Syrian intervention.  Why do I say that?  I've been attempting to monitor Russian social media and the chest thumping, pride in standing beside an ally off the charts.  It doesn't hurt that American/European leadership appears to be totally clueless at this time.

Long story short?  From what I can tell they view us as being totally impotent.

But back to the loving this intervention.  Washington should not confuse the action in Syria with the feelings that came with Ukraine.  I really get the impression that many view that as a family fight.  The Ukrainians were going to side with someone outside the family and it was a shame they had to fight at all.  In Syria, it's viewed as Russia saving the civilized world from a terrorist horde.

The Admin, State Dept and Pentagon better consider this part of the equation when determining how they will respond.  In my opinion it will be almost impossible to muster support against Russia.

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