Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The SC Cop is fired, but many still defend him.

News hit that the SC cop has been fired...yet many continue to defend this guy.  Check this out from LEO
When the girl refused, a school administrator came in and ordered the teen to get out of her seat. She refused. That’s when Fields was called in to remove her.
In the viral video, the officer is seen and heard asking the student to get up. She refuses. As he goes to physically remove her, she attempts to punch him in the head, striking him in the chest. Almost simultaneously, he pulls her from the desk and throws her to the floor, where she is promptly put into cuffs.
Now, instead of learning an important lesson that there are rules and laws, and that breaking them has consequences (a lesson so many of today’s youth seem to be missing), there will be publicity, sympathy and likely no repercussions for her terrible behavior. In fact, following the incident, no injuries were reported. Now, after the media attention, the student is claiming multiple injuries.
I find this type of thinking stunning.  Some it would seem, believe that their uniformed overlords can do no wrong! 

This was a girl!

Not a gang member.  She wasn't yelling and screaming in class.  She wasn't fighting in class!  She simply refused to participate in class and she got her ass beat.

Yet some of my readers think that's ok?  Absolutely amazing.  Quite honestly this would be outrageous regardless of the color of the officer OR the child!

If you're the type of person that believes that obedience to law enforcement trumps a persons civil rights then I happily part company with you.

The officer's behavior was over the top.  The amount of force used on a "suspect" was uncalled for.

But there is a part that has me spinning even harder.  Check this out from the same article...
Regardless, many members of the NAACP have already spoken out about the incident saying, “race played a role in the arrest of the black student” and the officer should be charged. After all, nothing drives donations (and ratings for CNN) like a race war, even if it’s largely fabricated.
This publication talks about race war and its suppose to cater to LEOs?

And you wonder why relations between police and the minority communities are so bad? 

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