Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Syria situation just became much easier.

Thanks to Gregory for the link!

via Jenan Moussa's Twitter Page..
Main groups in Rastan-enclave (Nusra, Ahrar &FSA) have declared "joined operation room" 2 deal with current situation
Well isn't this something.
If our leadership is smart enough, fast enough and to be honest cunning enough to take advantage of this blunder then we can settle the current Middle East drama in a matter of months.

First, if it isn't Syrian, Kurd or Iraqi govt forces you give them 72 hours to come to the peace table.  At the same time you go to the UN to get a mandate to stabilize the region by destroying rebel/terrorist forces.  Last, if they don't sue for peace and stop offensive military operations you take your mandate (which Russia and the EU will gladly approve) and you bomb the fuck outta them till they stop.

Of course there are probably many other ways to skin this problem but you get the idea.  The Free Syrian Army just went from a questionable terrorist group to outright declaring themselves as such.

This was incredibly stupid on the part of the FSA and we should take advantage of it.

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