Monday, October 05, 2015

The USMC becomes "gender" normed...

via Marine Corps Times...
At the end of the Marines' nine-month study, only two women in the infantry-trained rifleman platoons were left standing. There were roughly two dozen women in the infantry company when the experiment began, but most were dropped due to injury.
The new requirements could be difficult for some men entering into certain MOSs as well. During the experiment, Capt. Mark Lenzi, the commanding officer of the weapons company, which consisted of machine gun, anti-armor and mortar platoons, said some male Marines aren't up to the tasks that come with serving in the infantry.
Sometimes, he said, unit leaders are forced to give weaker Marines an administrative or clerical position in order to avoid moving them out of the unit. Gender-neutral standards would prevent that Marine from ever joining a unit with which they can't keep up, he said.
"If you're [5 feet, 6 inches tall] and 120 pounds, you have virtually no chance of doing this job, whatsoever," Lenzi said.
The Marines' study has led to controversy, however. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus called the experiment flawed, and alleged that some male Marines went into it not wanting to see the women succeed. He also criticized the Corps for measuring average performance instead of looking at individual capabilities.
But the Marine involved with the study fired back at Mabus' remarks. When the study began, researchers went into it with the expectation that they would see no differences between the all-male teams and those that included women, he said.
The main takeaway?

Haynie and the bastards at USNI Blog won.  Why others did not speak up sooner is beyond me, but this is the beginning of the end.  I wonder why reality is so hard for so many to accept.  This statement stands out....
 "If you're [5 feet, 6 inches tall] and 120 pounds, you have virtually no chance of doing this job, whatsoever," Lenzi said.
I wonder what Colonel Ripley and the other Marine Corps greats would say about what they're seeing happening to their beloved Corps....I also wonder what they would tell the instigators and enablers of this stupidity (yeah...looking at you USNI Blog).

Consider me a walking, talking, anti-recruiter.  When a young man asks about the Corps I'll be honest.  I'll say I loved it.  When he asks if he should join I'll tell him FUCK NO. 

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