Monday, October 05, 2015

Turkey says Russian action "no big deal"...Russia puts forces on the ground..

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, saw Turkey scramble two F-16 jets after a Russian military aircraft crossed into Turkish airspace near the Syrian border.
Ankara also claimed that a MiG-29 fighter jet, which is used by both Russia and Syria, harassed two of its F-16’s on Sunday by locking radar on to them, as they patrolled the Turkish-Syrian border.
“Our position is very clear, we’ll warn any country that violates our borders in a friendly way. Russia is our friend and neighbor. There is no tension between Turkey and Russia in this sense. The issue of Syria is not a Turkish-Russian crisis,”Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told HaberTurk TV, as cited by the Hurriyet Daily, following diplomatic communications between Ankara and Moscow.
"What we have received from Russia this morning is that this was a mistake and that they respect Turkey's borders and this will not happen again," Davutoglu added.
The Russian Defense Ministry has said that bad weather caused the incident when Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish airspace
Told ya so.

Some of you guys that were talking about this incident leading to  conflict must live in some pretty soft in a USAF dormitory.

Sidenote:  The New York Times is just now reporting that 2500 Russian ground troops will soon be hitting the deck.  We were talking about that last week!  The media, administration and apparently the Pentagon/State Dept are all behind the power curve on this issue.

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