Friday, October 16, 2015

Turkish military claims to have shot down an airplane near Syria...UPDATED~

Thanks to William for the heads up!

via Press TV
The Turkish military says it has shot down aircraft, of an unidentified nationality, in its airspace after warning it three times.
The Turkish military said in a statement on Friday that that the aircraft was shot down by Turkish fighter jets near the Syrian border.
The Turkish military said in the statement that, following the warnings, the aircraft was “downed by fire from our aircraft on patrol, according to the rules of engagement.”
While the military statement did not elaborate on the type of the downed aircraft, a Reuters report cited an unnamed senior Turkish official as saying that it was a drone.
Reports also said that the drone was downed around three kilometers inside Turkish airspace near the Syrian border.
Bet ya a case that it was only a drone and not a manned fighter.

It was a freaking drone.  I'm almost wondering what kind of drugs the Turks are smoking to put out such a vague announcement and then have it discovered that it was only a drone.  I mean really?  Seriously?  The whole world is watching, praying and hoping that some idiotic mistake doesn't happen that has this thing in Syria blow up even more and they make it seem like a manned airplane was shot down.

Not cool.

Turkish Military Press Office gets a "fuck you" for being stupid.

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