Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UK's 16th Air Assault Brigade changes its badge...

16 Air Assault Brigade is changing its badge from the Eagle to the Pegasus. 
The formation is about to undergo changes to its structure and will be marking those changes with its new symbol. 
The Pegasus has an iconic status and is recognised internationally as the defining symbol of British Airborne Forces. The Pegasus to be worn by 16 Air Assault Brigade will be the same design as that worn by the 1st and 6th Airborne Divisions, and the 44th Indian Airborne Division in the Second World War.
The Pegasus was an inclusive symbol, worn by both parachute and glider formations in the War. With its reintroduction, Pegasus will continue to represent all of British Airborne Forces. Every man and woman in 16 Air Assault Brigade is an Airborne soldier, regardless of their cap-badge and regardless of whether they are delivered by parachute, air-landing or ground manoeuvre. 
The Eagle badge has served us well since 1999 and it will be replaced with solemnity, dignity and respect on 25 Nov 2015. 
After that date, maroon Pegasus will be worn by all units in camp, with subdued Pegasus being worn in the field.


I guess the fashion has swung to the reverse now.  Where once it seemed that "modern military forces" were seeking to remake themselves into something new, it now seems that they're trying to re-establish links with the past.  The best example?  US Marine Corps Special Ops.  The World War 2 Marine Raiders happily offered their name to the new unit but the Commandant at the time denied the request.  Only when he was heading out the door did he approve it.  Now we see the 16 AAB doing the same.

'Bout time.

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