Thursday, October 15, 2015

US Army/DoD shredding training documents of first Women """Rangers"""

The military may be “shredding” documents that could indicate whether or not women received special treatment while attempting to become the first female Army Rangers, a letter from an investigating Congressman suggests.
Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma, himself a veteran and Ranger School graduate, has been investigating claims that Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver, the first ever female graduates of Ranger School, received special treatment. In September, he sent a letter to Army Secretary John McHugh requesting Army records relating to the women’s test scores, medical history, evaluations, and other background details that may help indicate whether they benefited from a lower standard.
But new documents, first written about by Susan Keating of PEOPLE and now obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, suggest the Pentagon may be playing a cat-and-mouse game with Russell, first stalling for time and then later telling Russell that the information he requested had been destroyed.
Russell’s request to McHugh was delivered to McHugh Sept. 15, PEOPLE reports, and gave McHugh a ten-day deadline to produce the records. On the 24th, McHugh replied with a request for more time to compile and review the records, citing a concern for Griest and Haver’s privacy. Later, Army officials met with Russell in person to discuss his concerns.  After several more weeks passed, Russell sent a follow-up letter, where he indicated that Army officials told him records of the female Rangers may have been destroyed.
Told ya once I'll tell ya again.

You can pencil whip a monkey thru a physics course but that doesn't make him a physicist.  The same applies to Ranger School.

This is worse though.  This means that everyone of those people that appeared on the podium to talk about that class (students)...all of the instructors at Ranger Training Battalion...the Training Cadre at Ft Benning...every swinging dick and ovary at TRADOC...and all those bastards at the Pentagon participated in the lie.

Common sense is an uncommon virtue.

So is integrity. 

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