Saturday, October 10, 2015

World War Three. Let's talk definitions....

I've had some e-mails saying that I've obviously started smoking crack, or belong in an insane asylum because I said that if China enters the fray, we could be looking at the start of WW3.

Before you confirm my appointment with drug rehab or schedule a seat in the asylum I simply ask you to consider this....

Every major Western nation (let's be honest...I'm talking the EU, Australia and Canada) has committed forces to the fight in the Middle East.  The US has committed large portions of its military to that fight.  Russian has now begun combat operations.  Every major regional power (and quite a few minor ones) in the Middle East is involved in the fighting....and we keep hearing rumors (that have yet to be substantiated) that China is about to get involved.

All that military power, operating in a relatively confined area and you're telling me that this isn't brewing into something major?

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