Monday, November 23, 2015

About those new Brit "Strike" Brigades. UPDATED!

via Sputnik
The UK will also create two new 'strike brigades' by 2025 to be rapidly deployable, able to self-deploy thousands of kilometers, and with a much lower logistic footprint. They will use the new Ajax family (previously known as Scout) range of vehicles, comprising 6 variants and almost 600 armoured vehicles.
Wow.  Two new "Strike" Brigades built around the Ajax family of vehicles?  Don't quite understand this move.  They're already covered when it comes to rapid deployment ops with their Air Assault Brigade.   Quite honestly it just seems like a bit of changing a deck chairs, and using an item that they have already started to procure and to call their already established Mechanised Infantry Brigades a new name.

The wording is also suspicious.  The Strike Brigades will be rapidly deployable and able to self deploy  thousands of kilometers with a lower logistic footprint?

That sounds like the US Army when talking about the Stryker Brigades circa 2003 or there abouts.

More to come on the Brit SDSR.  Just starting to dig thru the numbers.


THINK DEFENCE Blog is covering the SDSR so I don't have to...first he seems to agree with my thinking on the new "Strike" Brigades...

Follow the conversation and thinking here and here.

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