Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Aw Shit! Israel enters the fray. Kills Hezbollah, Syrian Soldiers in airstrikes in Syria.

Thanks to Maurice for the link!

via Times of Israel
A report by Al-Souria Net, a pro-opposition outlet, said eight Hezbollah fighters and five Syrian soldiers were killed in the raids, which hit the border region between Lebanon and Syria.
“After several hours of reconnaissance flights above the area, Israeli planes suddenly launched two raids on a joint Assad forces and Hezbollah position,” Al-Souria Net reported. “This was immediately followed by a third raid.. The Israeli planes resumed their attack with a fourth air raid after several minutes, targeting a Hezbollah position in western Qalamoun.”
The report said there were “dozens” injured in the airstrikes, four of them critically. The wounded were transferred to local hospitals for treatment

Wow.  I don't understand the Israeli's on this one.  I would imagine that they'd sit this one out...but they aren't.

Like Russians, Israelis usually have a plan.

The only obvious thing here is that the US and EU are impotent.  Events are moving faster than Western govts can react.  Its almost like we're dial up and they're broadband.

How much longer can this be contained before it turns into a regional war between all the powers there?  When do they stop hitting proxies and go after the real players?

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