Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brussels remains under threat, New York does drills and the word games over refugees continues...

Children in France on Monday will have their bags searched at the front doors of schools, while administrators will be tasked with verifying the identities of everyone on school grounds, according to the Ministry of National Education website. Gatherings around the front doors of schools are discouraged, the ministry said, explaining parents should drop off their kids and promptly leave and principals should designate on-campus sites where students can gather and older students can smoke. Field trips to the Paris area are canceled until next week, though trips within the Paris region can resume, the ministry said.
How stupid are things in Brussels?  This report was posted 6 hours ago and the current reporting is that schools will be canceled on Monday.  Additionally there is some type of "police action" going on inside the city as I write this.  Brussels is in a hurt locker.  Even if there is no terrorist attack they've been exposed as the epicenter of Muslim Extremism in Europe AND they've been shown to be barely capable of dealing with the reality that this brings.   Meanwhile in New York...via NBCNewYork...
The exercise, executed jointly with the federal Department of Homeland Security, came just days before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, one of the city's most high-profile events.
"In New York City, we are, at this time, very well-prepared and continually improving that preparedness," Police Commissioner William Bratton said outside the abandoned Bowery station in Lower Manhattan.
Hmm.  So they put together a terror drill of this size in a week?  That alone is highly unusual but ok.  My thinking?  They have something credible and this is a two'fer.  One to call the actors off and second to reassure the public.  As usual I could easily be wrong.

Last but not least.  I have to take another bite of this refugee word sausage that is being played. 

Above you see a newly built refugee camp in Jordan.  This is where the info that the refugees go thru a rigorous background check is coming from.  In these camps refugees are screened and their backgrounds gone over.  In these camps you'll find that the majority of people are women and children.  This is what the advocates are holding up as examples.  Below you see the flood of people into Europe...

This is where people like ME come up with the meme that the refugees are primarily (above 70%) male and of fighting age (I've always been told that this is between 16 and 65).  This is where the word sausage comes into play.  The liberals are using one example (the first) to defend the second example which has conservatives worried.

The most damning part?

The UN is saying that the mass of people rushing European borders should be designated refugees.  Which means that technically the liberals are telling the truth...but with a liars twist, a middle finger to honest debate and massive fuck you to the conservative elite that is trying to straddle the line on this issue.  Its all bullshit of course and we're left to the uninformed, and socially 'bendable' (meaning the people that raise their fingers in the air and follow whatever is popular) to determine the fate of nations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Personally, optimism is not high.

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