Wednesday, November 04, 2015

City Marshals shoot and kill 1st grader in Marksville...

Read the story here.

Ok.  The usual warning.  We're about to go there.  You make comments that I don't like, hit me with a tone I don't like (and since I can't reach thru the computer screen) that's disrespectful, race baiting, or demeaning of what's going on here and you're banned.

But back on task.

I want to see how this goes.  They weren't chasing the dude on a felony charge.  They were serving some low level warrant...but we have a little boy dead and his father in critical condition.

When a boy in Cincinnati was shot and killed because he was playing outside with a toy gun, the usual POLICE DEFENDERS stepped forward.  Will they do the same with this incident?

We'll see.  Oh and a pic of the 1st grade student is below.

The reaction to this incident will prove instructive...if the "police supporters" are consistent then they will blame the father and simply consider the death of this child as a case of police having to "do business".

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