Friday, November 13, 2015

European "political correctness" got their people killed....

The latest?

Terrorist are shooting hostages one by one in the concert hall and explosions have been heard.

A raid is going on as we speak.

My takeaways?  This was a predictable event.  How many times have we discussed coordinated terrorist attacks in a major city?

Europe's leaders did the politically correct thing and allowed hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants into their countries.  Now their citizens are paying the price.

What comes next?  I have no idea.  But a passive, politically correct Europed died along with the victims tonight.  This has changed politics in all nations.  Neo-Cons are done.  No one will want to dip a toe into the cesspool called the Middle East.

We might see a time coming where they are left to their own devices and we sit back and watch them burn.

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