Monday, November 02, 2015

F-15 Silent Eagle...Israel wants it!

via FlightGlobal.
An additional squadron of advanced Boeing F-15s has been revealed as one of the elements of a so-called "compensation package" requested by Israel in exchange for the US government backing a lifting of sanctions against Iran.
Israeli sources confirm that details of the request were agreed during arecent meeting between the defence ministers of the USA and Israel in Washington DC. This included the Israeli air force expressing its operational need for another squadron of F-15s, to ensure that the type can remain the "backbone" of its capabilities.

Wow.  F-35 proponents stated that the Israeli's buying the plane meant that they believed the hype about it being superior to enemy threat aircraft.

Seems like the Israeli's are lifting the skirt on the program, have done a proper analysis and decided that they didn't buy what the F-35 program office was least as far as the planes capabilities/cost to operate.

This is a setback.  This is telling.  One of the most vaunted air forces in the world is telling us that the plane is trash.  Will anyone listen?

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